Add Embroidery to Right Short/Pant Front


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Every embroidery job we do is different. We need to see your logo, know how many you need and on what garments you need them on to have any idea what it will cost.

When you place an order, we get all this information and can finalise price for your logoed apparel at our end quickly and get your job underway fast.

We hope this process makes it easy, fast and affordable for you and if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Estimating Stitch Count of LogoTo get a better idea of what your final cost may be we have given you the option to estimate your logo stitch count. Embroidery prices are based entirely on stitches in your logo and the time it takes to run. You may not get it 100% correct but can get a closer idea of what your final cost may be by comparing your logo to some of our Sample Designs.

If your not sure just let us know and the 5-7500 stitch will be added as a starting point. Once we have finalised your design and provided a sample image for approval, we will update your invoice and refund or notify you of any balance owing.

Upload Logo or Embroidery file If you already have a EMB or DST file you have had setup we can work with that or can work off nearly any jpg, pdf, vector or even scaned business cards to Digitize your design. If you have pantone colours you use pls send us those and we can match thread colours for you. (the better resolution the image, the better it is to work with)

Comments Please let us know anything that can help us setup your logo exactly the way you need.

You only need to upload and add each embroidery you need once, even if you have many different styles of products.

SETUP Charges may be required – we will let you know and adjust your order as needed.

*Dont forget to update your embroidery numbers to match the items you need with your logo – which can be done in your cart. 

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Estimated Stitch

< 3000, 10001 -15000, 15001 – 20000, 3001 – 5000, 5001 – 7500, 7501 – 10000, Not Sure?


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Add Embroidery to Right Short/Pant Front